Who we are – Wonderpublish Magazine

A subsidiary of Wonderslate Technologies, a next-gen learning platform, Wonderpublish is an all-encompassing digital space to keep a close watch on all the ebbs-and-flows of the Publishing, EdTech and overall Education Industry.

From the word of the veterans to the skills of the new-age educators, Wonderpublish accommodates and showcases the best of both worlds, alongside the latest developments from all over the world. Wonderpublish provides incisive viewpoints and impeccable information about the latest advancements and events that are taking place in-and-around the education ecosystem.

Our Mission:

Is to create a flexible yet reliable enough platform that provides an ample amount of exposure to industry gold standards which then provide further impetus for growth to the organisations and the individual alike.

Our Vision:

Entails bringing all the players under one big umbrella where they are not just standing to keep away from being drenched by the unfiltered, cluttered information, but are partaking in discourse that both enables and ennobles them in their respective environ. While building on the existing expertise, our peripheral vision brings in the up-and-coming educators, creators, publishers and innovators to the centre of the scheme to create new waves in the respective industries and innovation alike.