Editor’s Message

Welcome to Wonderpublish!

As we embark upon this journey, I would like to thank as well as congratulate each one of you for believing in us and partaking in the voyage ahead.

In this first message from me, I would like to answer the first few questions that come to mind before the start of any great adventure. i.e. Why? Why Wonderpublish? And why now?


Because like any other industry, the publishing industry too deserves the best of avenues to exchange ideas and information in a way that enables individuals and organizations alike and fuels an overall growth.

Why Wonderpublish?

After serving the industry for nearly 5 years through our EdTech arm, Wonderslate Technologies, we feel it is time to start giving it back to the industry in the best way possible. We, at Wonderpublish, are keen on taking the spirit of Wonderslate, ‘Excellence through cooperation’ forward.

Why now?

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, the publishing industry too enters a new phase. Tech and the zeitgeist are changing not just the user engagement patters but also consumption on a large scale. To keep the stakeholders involved well informed to make the right decisions and not just second guess the trends, we thought of this time to be perfect, to begin with. Because it’s about putting the foot forward rather than worrying about whether it’s a perfect one or not.

Until next time!

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